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Age: 37 Married/Single: Single Member Status: Gold Elapses: 19 January 2018 Single, sexy Indian lady, that's me by the way ;) I am not looking for any commitment, only some good sexy experiences with someone I have a lot in common with. Age: 43 Married/Single: Married Member Status: VIP Elapses: 26 July 2019 The randy part of me isn't just for effect, it accurately describes my sorry sex life which is almost non existent, my hubby works in another country so that explains that! Age: 36 Married/Single: Married Member Status: VIP Elapses: 18 July 2018 Happily married and looking for daytime fwb around the Randburg, Midrand or Pretoria area.

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According to a new survey, the lucrative online dating industry is growing fastest in the 50-plus age group — and it’s not hard to see why.Once you are retired, widowed or divorced, it feels all but Just got out of the shower and is now running **10 minutes late** see above. “Oh my god I can’t believe this traffic I don’t think i’ll be able to make it to Starbucks! Also realizes he signed up for the gym but has not gone for the last three years and likely looks like exhibit 3. No way the other team wins man, I bet you, I bet you whatever you want man.” His boss turns to him and says okay I’ll bet you .” am: “Well I’ve got about 5 minutes i know the Barrista I have been trying to hit on for the last five years knows my drink I should be okay.” Gets his drink, pays and heads to work. The three minute delta is no big deal because no one cares about his work anyway. “Oh man i can’t wait I love happy hour we get drinks for like and maybe that cute girl i just messaged will tell me she likes me!!!!!! pm: Well at least he got some work done between and pm. I can’t go to the gym today because maybe that girl likes me! “Nah man I don’t bet money on stuff man, lets just make it a friendly bet.” Boss looks at him, squints “sure”. Of course he has never played a sport before in his life.

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Goes out to Chipotle to buy lunch where for some reason CNN is playing in the background. “Oh my god those dirty corporate bankers are taking all of my money with no work ethic whatsoever, I could ‘EASILY’ do their job any day of the week.” am: Sits down to eat his Chicken burrito (may as well save 50 cents right? Over the next 45 minutes they refresh their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts 75 times checking out that “cute girl” from when they were back in high school.

Unlike people who are Hollywood Homely, Cool Losers are not supposed to be considered unattractive, and unlike the Hollywood Nerd, the Cool Loser is not a geek or lacking in social skills.

They just don't have many friends, don't get invited to the cool parties, and are generally treated like losers by most of their peers.

No matter who you are, turning your life around can be as easy as deciding that you're going to draw a line in the sand and make a change right now.

Don't let people tell you you're a loser — instead, ignore their pettiness and work to be the best, happiest person you can be.