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Dns updating software

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The mail server mail2com has an entirely different IP address and so is likely located remotely from Johns home and perhaps is his backup email server in case of failure of his primary email server com.

Also, DNS can also be used to simply redirect an access to one HOST NAME (such as to some other HOST NAME such as residing at your home site that could act as a regular mail server where people can send email in and then the recipients can use com as a POP/IMAP mail server address and locally or remotely retrieve mail from the mail server.

Note that the DESTINATION ADDRESS of an MX record MUST be a domain name and NOT simply an IP address.

(The why not appears to be part of an effort to prevent spam by increasing traceability of email.) Examples of actual A records for our example using the formats HOST (names) CURRENT IP ADDRESS OFFLINE URL (***) com .187(*) .64(*) (blank) com .187(*) (blank) mail2com 2.79(**) (blank) com (blank) (blank) (blank) (*) above denotes a DYNAMIC IP address which is changed under control of a DDNS client on your computer system and (**) above denotes a FIXED or static IP address which is only changed under your manual control by a visit to the s, see below.

Incoming e Mail to a domain arrives with its own distinctive protocol and port identity.

An email request is handled separately from other service requests because of some special needs and features of email processing.