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John, 40, a business owner from Surrey, UK, who lives outside of Barcelona says he values the direct nature of women here and prefers that honesty.

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Cooperative Grouping Divide the students into groups.Each group will investigate a different aspect of the tribes that lived nearest to you, including lifestyle, clothing, food acquisition, social relationships, religious beliefs and practices, and shelter.

Keep your KWL chart posted in the classroom so students can add what they learn from their research to the third column.At least one group should investigate the traditional and current theories about the migration of people to North America.To ensure equal participation by all group members, have each member pick a job, such as reader, note taker, computer keyboarder, Internet searcher, or reporter to class.List some if the issues that arise in your discussion, which may include: After your initial discussion, ask students to choose one issue to research further.Have them write a brief summary of the issue, considering the impact it has on the Native Americans. How did the Native Americans in your area adapt to the local environment?You may wish to extend their audience by inviting other classes to visit your classroom or by planning a night for families to visit.