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There, in the autumn of 1890, she met Leo Jogiches, a Lithuanian Jew three years her elder and already a student revolutionary of local reputation.

A self-styled hero of Russian radical literature, Leo was brooding, angry, remote, enamored of Bakunin’s famous definition of the revolutionary as a man who “has no interests of his own, no cause of his own, no feelings, no habits, no belongings, he does not even have a name.

Never again, except for short periods here and there, would they live in the same city.

Several weeks after her arrival in Berlin, with the backing of the SPD, Luxemburg addressed Polish-speaking miners in Upper Silesia, and discovered her gift for making those who heard her feel intimately connected to the pain inherent in whatever social condition she was denouncing.

In 1931 Joseph Stalin had Luxemburg “excommunicated” from the canon of Marxist heroes.

There she was: a girl, a Jew, a cripple—possessed of an electrifying intelligence, a defensively arrogant tongue and an unaccountable passion for social justice, which, in her teens, led her to the illegal socialist organizations then abounding among university students in Warsaw.

The SPD was, essentially, a theory-driven, centrist party devoted to the workings of its own organization and to the achievement of socialist progress through parliamentary change.As she spoke, Luxemburg could see that the men looking up at her were beginning to feel penetrated by the drama of class warfare.By the time she fell silent, they were living on a mythic scale of history and heartbreak.At 18—already on the Warsaw police blotter—Rosa was sent to Zurich to study, and never went home again.Although she was registered at the university as a student in natural sciences, it was at the German socialist club—with its library, reading room and lecture hall—that she got her education.When I was a child, Rosa Luxemburg’s name would sometimes be mentioned with awe in my slightly irreverent left-wing household. She was put to bed for a year with her hip in a cast, and when she got up, one leg was shorter than the other.